[Tutorial] How to draw anime face of male character

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Hello, it's me - Céo again. After the female char tutorial, a lot of friends asked me to do a tutor about male char's face, so yeah, this is the tutoring everyone wants me to do =) Enjoy but remember this is just my personal experience, so it's hard to avoid mistakes, I hope everyone will ignore and support me:>
[Tutorial] How to draw anime face of male character
Step 1: Draw a circle to outline. For side views we will draw an elipse instead.

How to draw anime boy's face - Image 1

Step 2: Draw the axis of the face, this step does exactly the same with the female character drawing because this is only a sketch step to determine the direction of the face and the position of the five senses.

How to draw anime boy's face - Image 2

Step 3: Draw contours for the face, note that the boy's face will be somewhat coarser and longer than the female character's face. Add the five senses (eyes, nose, mouth ...) based on the previously sketched proportional axis so that the face has a sense of balance.

How to draw anime boy's face - Image 3

Step 4: For those who draw digi, this is the hidden layer step. If it is a traditional drawing, you should line up and erase the lead sketch okay =)))

How to draw anime boy's face - Image 4

Tada, so we have a handsome face that looks like to give birth =)) It's very easy, you can see this as a reference to practice properly:> Thank you for reading my post, see you soon in the next tutorials <3


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