How to draw hands in just 4 ridiculously simple steps

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Let's continue the series of anime drawing tutorials for beginners UwU. I realized that many people are stuck in the hand drawing stage, personally when I first learned to draw, I also got stuck a lot at this step. As I have got some experience now, I would like to share it for everyone to refer to =))
How to draw hands in just 4 ridiculously simple steps
Step 1: Draw the frame of the hand. Depending on the pose and view angle, the shape of frame is flexible changed, but normally it will be a little bit flat or rounded like this :). Draw the wrist.

Step 2: Sketch the position of each finger. In this step, finger joints are represented by small circles. Connect the joints by some straight lines UwU

How to draw a hand - step by step - Image 1
Step 3: "Add flesh" to the initial sketch in step 2. Note that for the female character's hand, it is recommended to draw curved lines to make the hand look soft, and for the male character, you can draw the hands slightly rough.

Step 4: Hide the sketch layer / erase the sketch, leaving only the "flesh" part =)

Tada, here's the result. It is very simple, isn't it? Let's see one more example for better understand.

How to draw hands - step by step - Image 2

That's it UwU. Do similarly with the other poses in the first picture, and try some more exercises below if you like.

How to draw hands - step by step - Image

Good luck to everyone UwU


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Shonda Jarvis 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing, it was so helpful for my project!

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