Drawing sunflowers is easy peasy in just 6 simple steps

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After the last rose drawing tutorial, I received a request from my friend for sunflower tutorial, so yeh, luckily, this is one of the flowers I know and like to draw the most =)) Enjoy :>
Drawing sunflowers is easy peasy in just 6 simple steps
Step 1: Draw a small oval for the stamen and a bigger oval on the outside to define the orientation & width of the petals.🙌

How to draw a sunflower step by step - Image 1

Step 2: Draw the first layer of petals which is visible. Please note to draw the petals opening around, imagine you are drawing a sun but with a lot of petals.

Step 3: Draw the second layer of petals which is behind the first one. These petals will be partially invisible and interleaved with the upper ones.
Step 4: Redraw the main details (petals, stamen ...) by lining pen, and erase the large oval, keeping only the small one. This way is applied to tradi, but I made this tutorial with digi so I just simply hide the layer to draw large oval shape =))

How to draw sunflowers step by step - Image 2

Step 5: Draw similarly with the other flowers. Add some stems so it looks lively. For flower stalks, try to draw not too thin, remember to draw leaves =)))

Step 6: Full & complete the picture🌻🙌

Good luck!


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