How to draw anime girl face - step by step

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Hi beloved friends, after the hair drawing tutorial, I received a lot of emails asking for tips to draw female character's face and avoid deviation. So today I will make a step by step about drawing an anime girl's face. Note that everything is just my personal experience so it's hard to avoid mistakes, hope everyone will ignore and you can see this post as a format for your reference, UwU
How to draw anime girl face - step by step
Step 1: Draw a circle to locate the head top, then draw the axes to determine the direction of the face. Depending on the face's view, the curve and direction of the axes will be changed accordingly. So please imagine the angle of view before drawing the axes UwU

Step 2: Draw the contour of the face. Note that the top circle's diameter is usually equal 3/4 of the face's height.

How to draw anime face - Image 1

Step 3: Draw eyes, nose and mouth for the character. Girls often have big eyes, small nose and mouth, while boys usually have higher nose.

Step 4: Draw the hair and some other details. Note that the ears should be on the same height to the eyes, you can base on the horizontal axis to identify, to avoid deviation UwU.

Step 5: Hide the outline layer (for the digi), or simply erase the sketch after lining (for the tradi). Then we have a beautiful face already:>

How to draw anime face - Image 2

Above is my steps to draw a female char's face. If you find it useful and want me to do more tutoring on drawing male char's face, please email me to :> Peace <3


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