Tutorial for beginners - How to draw girl's hair

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Let's continue the tutorials with Céo =))) Today it will be a tutorial about anime female hair =))
Tutorial for beginners - How to draw girl's hair
Step 1: Draw bangs (and facial contours if you like). Note to use the soft round point brush to make the lines appear softer. The direction of the hair is marked with an arrow, try to relax your wrist so that it doesn't get stiff UwU

Step 2. Draw sideburns, here I draw short hairstyles, so just apply the rule of trimming hair in different directions (as shown by arrows) so that the hair remains stable but still not tangled or weird, UwU

How to draw anime female hair - Step 1

Step 3: Do the same with the back hair (note the direction of the arrow in the picture)

Step 4: Add the details to the face even though this is a hair tutorial, and boooom, now you have a super beautiful clean hair lineart =)))

Step 5: Full color, here I use a gentle and seductive pastel tone.

Step 6: Shade the hair and blush to make the picture looks more vivid.

Tadaaa, it's very simple =)))) This tutorial is based on personal experience so it's hard to avoid mistakes, but still thank everyone for supporting me!!


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