Drawing characters 1 day ago
Hi everyone, Halloween is getting closer and closer =)))) After the pumpkin tutorial, some friends asked me to draw a witch to bring a halloween vibe. So here u go, an ugly old witch on a broom, hope you guys enjoyyy:>
Drawing characters 1 week ago
Hey there folks :))) Although it is just beginning of month but homies pushed me to make Halloween art. So today I will make a step by step about a plump pumpkin, as a gift for the spooky season. Have fun!
Drawing characters 1 month ago
Mid-Autumn Festival, which is held on the 15-8 of lunar year, is a traditional festival in many Asian countries. The festival is very exciting with lanterns, dragon dance, mooncakes and legend about the Chang'e, a beautiful moon goddess... Today I will make a step by step about the Chang'e and Moon Rabbit to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival UwU.
Drawing characters 1 month ago
Good day, everyone! After a series of drawing tutorials, many friends ask me to share more details about coloring. So today I will bring a tutorial about painting skin in Photoshop, which is based on my personal experience, hope everyone will like it :>
Drawing characters 2 months ago
MaryVera in Identity V is one of my favourite OTPs, so I'd love to do a step by step about this couple. Today, I will draw Mary's default skin with Vera's Fatal Affection, but they will exchange clothes. Enjoy :>
Drawing flowers 2 months ago
Welcome back to the flower drawing series. Today I would like to send you a tutorial on how to draw lotus, which “looks not easy but incredibly easy”, in just a few simple steps that anyone can do UwU. Soooo, let's begin:>!
Drawing flowers 3 months ago
Hi all, let's back to the flower drawing tutorials. Today we will try our hands at beautiful lilies UwU. Being known as a symbol of purity and nobility, lily flower is loved by many people.
Drawing characters 5 months ago
Let's continue the series of anime drawing tutorials for beginners UwU. I realized that many people are stuck in the hand drawing stage, personally when I first learned to draw, I also got stuck a lot at this step. As I have got some experience now, I would like to share it for everyone to refer to =))
Drawing flowers 5 months ago
Hello, sunshine! In the exciting of holiday season and also bring something new to the blog, today I would like to send you a very beautiful step by step tutorial from 青 林 - an artist whom I admire a lot, UwU
Drawing characters 6 months ago
Hi all, few days ago I drew a sailormoon fanart, so today I will make a sailormoon chibi step by step for everyone to refer to: 3 It's been quite a long time since my last digital drawing, so I have to practice it again or the skills will go away ;; - ;;

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