Hello and welcome to Céo's blog!!

First thank you for visited our website! I am Céo, also called by other names such as Ceiilea, Bluwu (Blu). I am very interested in cartoon and illustration. This is the site where I will post my pictures or share drawing tutorials. I will be happy to receive positive contributions from everyone or just simply wish more people know about this ỌwO.

My works are for entertainment and fun, so if there is any shortcomings, I hope everyone will ignore them: 3 As I belong to a multifandom, so my blog will post a lot of descriptions from IdV, TSGP, KnY or even obscure fandoms, as long as I fall in; v; Anyway, we look forward to everyone's support, love u all X3

My official pages are below:
Website : www.artissweet.com/ www.deadline247.com (Vietnamese version)
Email           : admin@artissweet.com
Facebook    : www.facebook.com/artbyblu.175 OR

Thanks again for your interest in our website ♡♡♡♡♡♡ !