Drawing flowers 11 months ago
After the last rose drawing tutorial, I received a request from my friend for sunflower tutorial, so yeh, luckily, this is one of the flowers I know and like to draw the most =)) Enjoy :>
Drawing flowers 1 year ago
Good day, everyone! Because some people say it is difficult to draw flowers, so I will make a few tutorials on drawing flowers that I know: D Today we will try drawing roses.
Drawing characters 1 year ago
In the last tutorial, we have illustrated a schoolgirl who is standing. This tutorial is still about a girl but in a sitting position UwU
Drawing characters 1 year ago
After the last coloring tutorial, a lot of friends told me to do step by step from sketch to full, so today I will make a little step by step tutorial to des my new OC called Ceryel.
Drawing characters 1 year ago
Watercolor has long been a favourite material for enthusiasts as well as professional artists. Below we will perform some basic steps to full an anime picture by watercolor.

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