Drawing flowers 3 weeks ago
If rose is a symbol of love and beauty, the tulip represents perfect love, wealth and luxury. It is very famous for a fever in the history, which is called "Tulipmania" or "Dutch Tulip Bulb Market Bubble", anyway here's a tutorial about this beautiful flower, enjoyyyy<3
Drawing flowers 1 month ago
Hello, sunshine! The Christmas is coming soon, it is also the season when you go out on the street and see couples everywhere, showing their love in front of FA* people =))) But let's put it aside, today I'm going to draw a Christmas tree to bring a little bit of Noel vibe to the blog =))))))) Have fun :>
Drawing flowers 2 months ago
Hi my friends, drawing flowers is a topic that never ends =))) Recently I'm quite interested in camellias, perhaps because of their beauty and elegence. So this is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-make tutorial about the camellia flower which is very cute UwU
Drawing flowers 5 months ago
Welcome back to the flower drawing series. Today I would like to send you a tutorial on how to draw lotus, which looks not easy but incredibly easy, in just a few simple steps that anyone can do UwU. Soooo, let's begin:>!
Drawing flowers 6 months ago
Hi all, let's back to the flower drawing tutorials. Today we will try our hands at beautiful lilies UwU. Being known as a symbol of purity and nobility, lily flower is loved by many people.
Drawing flowers 8 months ago
Hello, sunshine! In the exciting of holiday season and also bring something new to the blog, today I would like to send you a very beautiful step by step tutorial from 青 林 - an artist whom I admire a lot, UwU
Drawing flowers 11 months ago
Hi everyone, I'm Alice. Today, as a guest of Céo, I would like to share a tutorial about how to draw a heart shape Valentine's tree to make a greeting card. Wish all of you have a sweet and romantic Valentine's Day!
Drawing flowers 1 year ago
Lunar New Year is a special holiday of Asians. In this occassion, Vietnamese often decorate their house with colorful flowers, such as blossoms or apricots, hope for a brightful and luckily coming year. Today I will show how to draw blossoms to make a Lunar New Year greeting card UwU
Drawing flowers 1 year ago
After the last rose drawing tutorial, I received a request from my friend for sunflower tutorial, so yeh, luckily, this is one of the flowers I know and like to draw the most =)) Enjoy :>
Drawing flowers 1 year ago
Good day, everyone! Because some people say it is difficult to draw flowers, so I will make a few tutorials on drawing flowers that I know: D Today we will try drawing roses.