Drawing flowers 2 months ago
Welcome back to the flower drawing series. Today I would like to send you a tutorial on how to draw lotus, which “looks not easy but incredibly easy”, in just a few simple steps that anyone can do UwU. Soooo, let's begin:>!
Drawing flowers 3 months ago
Hi all, let's back to the flower drawing tutorials. Today we will try our hands at beautiful lilies UwU. Being known as a symbol of purity and nobility, lily flower is loved by many people.
Drawing flowers 5 months ago
Hello, sunshine! In the exciting of holiday season and also bring something new to the blog, today I would like to send you a very beautiful step by step tutorial from 青 林 - an artist whom I admire a lot, UwU
Drawing flowers 9 months ago
Lunar New Year is a special holiday of Asians. In this occassion, Vietnamese often decorate their house with colorful flowers, such as blossoms or apricots, hope for a brightful and luckily coming year. Today I will show how to draw blossoms to make a Lunar New Year greeting card UwU
Drawing flowers 9 months ago
After the last rose drawing tutorial, I received a request from my friend for sunflower tutorial, so yeh, luckily, this is one of the flowers I know and like to draw the most =)) Enjoy :>
Drawing flowers 11 months ago
Good day, everyone! Because some people say it is difficult to draw flowers, so I will make a few tutorials on drawing flowers that I know: D Today we will try drawing roses.