Entertainment 5 days ago
Hello beloved friends! If anyone doesn't know, today 18-7 is my birthday and I have received a lot of good wishes from everyone (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ Not only that, I also got a lot of beautiful pictures drawn by lovely friends for me as gifts, so I want to share a little bit of this joy on the blog UwU. Here are the pictures as well as the hearts that everyone has given to me <3
Drawing tutorials 2 weeks ago
Hi all, let's back to the flower drawing tutorials again. Today we will try our hands at beautiful lilies UwU. Being known as a symbol of purity and nobility, lily flower is loved by many people.
Drawing tutorials 1 month ago
Hello everyone, it's me, Céo again =))) Today I'd like to share with you a step by step about my OC, a girl with cool style. By the way I would like to share a little bit, that is the style I want to pursue 😋 =))
Drawing tutorials 2 months ago
Hello beloved friends, today we will continue the series of anime drawing tutorials for beginners UwU. I realized that many people are stuck in the hand drawing stage, personally when I first learned to draw, I also got stuck a lot at this step. As I have got some experience now, I would like to share it for everyone to refer to =))
Drawing tutorials 2 months ago
Hi everyone, in the exciting of holiday season and also bring something new to the blog, today I would like to send you a very beautiful step by step tutorial from 青 林 - an artist whom I admire a lot, UwU
Drawing tutorials 3 months ago
Hello everyone, few days ago I drew a sailormoon fanart, so today I will make a sailormoon chibi step by step for everyone to refer to: 3 It's been quite a long time since my last digital drawing, so I have to practice it again or the skills will go away ;; - ;;
Drawing tutorials 3 months ago
Hello, it's me - Céo again. After the female char tutorial, a lot of friends asked me to do a tutor about male char's face, so yeah, this is the tutoring everyone wants me to do =) Enjoy but remember this is just my personal experience, so it's hard to avoid mistakes, I hope everyone will ignore and support me:>
Drawing tutorials 4 months ago
Hi everyone, after the hair drawing tutorial, I received a lot of emails asking for tips to draw female character's face and avoid deviation. So today I will make a step by step about drawing an anime girl's face. Note that everything is just personal experience so it's hard to avoid mistakes, hope everyone will ignore and you can see this post as a format for your reference, UwU
Entertainment 4 months ago
Hello everyone, today I am back after a turbulent Tet holiday due to Covid. Do you have a lot of lucky money this Tet? About me, I only have got a little because of staying at home and meet few people 😷. Fortunately, I have a lot of commission orders this time so they compensate quite a bit.
Entertainment 5 months ago
🌻 To mark the passing of the Mouse year 2020 and coming of the Buffalo year 2021, as well as the first GA post to be held on the blog, today I would like to organize a slightly huge, slightly giant GA =)))😉
Drawing tutorials 5 months ago
Hi everyone, I'm Alice. Today, as a guest of Céo, I would like to share a tutorial about how to draw a heart shape Valentine's tree to make a greeting card. Wish all of you have a sweet and romantic Valentine's Day!
Drawing tutorials 6 months ago
Let's continue the tutorials with Céo =))) Today it will be a tutorial about anime female hair =))

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