How to draw lovely Lily flowers in a jiff

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Hi all, let's back to the flower drawing tutorials. Today we will try our hands at beautiful lilies UwU. Being known as a symbol of purity and nobility, lily flower is loved by many people.
How to draw lovely Lily flowers in a jiff
Step 1: Draw a circle to determine the pistil and the frame of petals. Depending on the view, this frame can be circular or elliptical, so in this step you should visualize the direction of the petals in your mind:>

How to draw Lily flowers with a few steps - Image 1

Step 2: Draw the petals base on the determined frame. Note that the flower petals will have a certain folding and curvature, so please draw them soft UwU

Step 3: Draw the pistil. The pistil includes 4-5 tubes so close together, with a small dot at the tip of each tube.

Step 4: Erase the outline of the circle, leaving only the stroke for later steps. So we have got the lineart for one lily already.
How to draw Lily flowers with a few steps - Image 2

Step 5: Draw similarly for the other lilies. Add stems and leaves so the picture look more lively, and the layout best fit to your eyes.

Step 6: Proceed to base the picture, lilies are usually pink or white with a bit of yellow. Color the pistil with a darker tone to create more depth for the picture, making the flower look more real. Shade a few more details and your work has been done. :3

Good luck to everyone UwU


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Jerda 2 years ago
So beautiful!

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