How to draw a Christmas tree in a flash

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Hello, sunshine! The Christmas is coming soon, it is also the season when you go out on the street and see couples everywhere, showing their love in front of FA* people =))) But let's put it aside, today I'm going to draw a Christmas tree to bring a little bit of Noel vibe to the blog =))))))) Have fun :>
How to draw a Christmas tree in a flash
Step 1: Draw a square and triangle (not very exactly required) like this to determine the overall layout of the picture. Surely no one doesn't know what shape a Christmas tree has, don't you :)))))?

Step 2: Sketch layers of leaves that overlap in order from top to bottom (or vice versa). This step is mainly to divide the foliage, so that we can draw the next step easier.

Step 3: Draw layers of leaves based on the layout in step 2. Draw the leaves pointed outside because the Christmas tree must be like that pa:))

Easy drawing for beginners - How to draw a Christmas tree - Image 1

Step 4: Erase/ hide the triangle and curves in step 1-2 to get a better view. Decorate with a star on the top of tree, now we have got the final sketch.

Step 5: Color the pine tree as kids often do: a yellow star, green leaves and a brown trunk.

Step 6: Because I like colorful sparkling, I drew some blinkers to make decorations. You can skip this step or decorate with other items =))))))) Just to give it some Xmas colors.

Tada, that's it =)))) Merry Christmas to everyone. May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity!


* FA: Forever Alone :)

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OliviaScot 2 years ago
So easy... Thanks for your terrific guide!
Christie 2 years ago
Beautiful like always!
Daisy 2 years ago
Merry Christmas 🎄

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