Summary of commission in Tet 2021

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Hello everyone, today I am back after a turbulent Tet holiday due to Covid. Do you have a lot of lucky money this Tet? About me, I only have got a little because of staying at home and meet few people 😷. Fortunately, I have a lot of commission orders this time so they compensate quite a bit.
Summary of commission in Tet 2021
To start a new year, I would like to post some pictures I had drawn during the last Tet holiday:> These commissions are posted with the clients' permission, so please do not reup or take anywhere without permission of me or clients!!

👉 First is the OC of Lilian Dominique. This comm was completed and sent before Tet so I did not take the photos of gift!

February commision summary - Photo 1

👉 The fanart commission of a beautiful K-Pop fan in Hanoi:>

February commision summary - Photo 2 - The Muse

👉 Comm of a friend from Hanoi. Your OC is so pretty, I have to work hard to avoid spoiling your character.

February commision summary - Photo 3

👉 Fiona Gilman from IdentityV in the skin of Unhappy, comm of a cute friend from HCMC. Buy commission and you will get a lot of lovely gifts for every order. UwU

February commision summary - Photo 4

👉 Following is a digi comm from a very funny friend in Hanoi.

February commision summary - Photo 6

👉 The last comm in this batch is a wip (work in progress) and about to finish, which will be sent out soon.

February commision summary - Photo 7

Thank you for supporting me! Since next time I must prepare for the final exams, I will be able to draw up to 10 comm / month. By about June, I will continue to receive unlimitedly, I hope to continue getting your support then. Love you all 💖😍😍


P/S: Please find the Commission Price here and book your commission through Contact form. Thanks again for your support 💖!

Lilian 4 months ago
Đẹp quá, tui sẽ ủng hộ Céo dài dài UwU
Rong Biển 4 months ago
Chúc Céo năm mới được nhiều comm nhaaa