News category introduction

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After a long absence, now Art Is Sweet is back with more power than before. Beside keep posting pictures and tutorials, the blog will have a brand-new category for followers of digital art - News category (also known as the news section) with a lot of exciting content waiting for you to discover!
News category introduction
Drawing on electronic devices has long ceased to be something too strange and is still increasingly popular today because of its convenience as well as reasonable cost, affordable for each different type of people/artist, very easy to access and extremely simple to get used to. One of the most popular programs with professional digital artists is Adobe. First, we have to talk a little bit about Adobe-a big tech in design industry. Surely professional digital painters are no more strangers to this name, right? Adobe has greatly contributed to creating the era of digital illustration with extremely useful and magical software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Bridges... Although almost all the features of Adobe are free, if we want the most perfect experience, most conveniently, you will still have to pay a small fee to buy the software.
So why going so far away when the News category has all the information and promotions about technology products in this area? This place was created with the aim of helping all new students enter digital art. You want to know about products, technologies in design, art, graphics? Do you want to have extremely convenient promotional information about products and technologies in the field of design, art, graphics? Do you want to get more knowledge from professional artists? Then the News category is a very suitable place. This category has no limit , the target audience is all adherents of technology and painting.
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